Custom Water Features

Bluworld of Water

Bluworld of Water is the most trusted name in water feature design and fabrication.  They have been dedicated to providing superior water feature products, systems, and services for nearly two decades.  Their installations are engineered with exacting standards, using the highest quality materials, and built to stand the test of time. Every project is fabricated and tested prior to installation in their state of the art, 40,000 sq ft facility, in Orlando, FL.

Rain Curtains 

Bluworld of Water Custom Rain Curtain
Bluworld of Water's Rain Curtain style waterfall is composed of thin strands of Mylar lace suspended from the top of the feature.  Water gently drips down the strands creating the appearance of freefalling raindrops.  The Rain Curtain produces a slow, soothing, and captivating water effect that holds the attention of its viewers.  A Rain Curtain waterfall is particularly well suited for a tall space since the water effect intensifies as the length of the Mylar increases. This type of waterfall is generally more cost-effective compared to other styles as less support structure is required.  The strands can be creatively configured to add a unique look and feel to your waterfall.


Bluworld of Water Custom Blu-Guard
Bluworld of Water has developed the “Blu-Guard” line of fully encapsulated water features. All of these features are completely sealed and the water is not in contact with the surrounding area. As such, nothing harmful can enter the system and nothing harmful can leave the system. These water features pose absolutely no risk to the public and are completely safe for healthcare environments. Not only are the “Blu-Guard” water features safe, but they are also just as beautiful as Bluworld’s traditional designs.

Bluworld of Water Custom Blu-Guard
Another outstanding aspect of the Blu-Guard line is that these completely sealed water features are virtually maintenance free.  Since the water is completely sealed in the system, there is no evaporation and they do not get dirty; No regular maintenance is required. They also have lower initial installation costs as they do not require a water supply or drain to be provided to the area. Operating costs are also lower since they do not require water to be added and labor costs for maintenance are eliminated.  Although originally designed for Healthcare environments, our Blu-Guard water features are becoming the most popular waterfalls across all of the different venues we service.


Bluworld of Water Sculpture Water Feature
Bluworld of Water's Sculptural Water Elements allow you to explore the limits of your creativity. Our talented artisans utilize Bluworld’s state of the art metalworking and fabrication facilities to create inspiring one of a kind Sculptural Water Elements. We use a variety of different mediums such as stainless steel, copper, bronze, aluminum, acrylic, solid surface, marble, and granite. Bluworld can be commissioned to design an original sculpture unique for your project, or we can help bring your original design to life. We also have a variety of existing designs for you to choose from or to add your own twist to.


Bluworld of Water Custom Multi-Panel Water Features
Stacked Horizontal Multi-Panel water feature is comprised of several individual pieces of material joined both vertically and horizontally.  This style of water wall is virtually unlimited in height and length.  There are several configurations for the Stacked Horizontal Multi-Panel depending on the water panel material selected.  Bluworld has developed unique structural configurations and mounting methods specially designed for large-scale water features.   Bluworld’s extensive experience with this type of complex water wall construction will ensure that your project is a success.  Our experts will evaluate your concept, offer recommendations based on our experience, and provide a preliminary budget analysis and other helpful information as a courtesy to you.