Our History

Bluworld of Water had its beginnings in 1997 when two brothers who grew up on the ocean and rivers around Titusville, Florida and discovered a love for water at early ages. Having artistic and design talents they viewed flowing water as an art form and began building water features from stainless steel and glass in their garage.

It wasn't long before they moved from their garage to a building suitable to build their designer water features and with a few friends started the first fabrication plant for Bluworld of Water. An interesting note is that the Blu in Bluworld is not for a color but an acronym for "Brothers Like Us" which describes the close-knit culture that was developing in the business. There was a true love of creating works of art in architectural water design that would be placed in homes, businesses and public places around the world.

Since those early days, Bluworld has grown to be the world's largest custom water feature design and fabrication company for the genre of water design and architectural water features that we produce. Their 30,000 square foot facility in Orlando, Florida with its dedicated metal fabrication department designs, fabricates and installs the most intricate and beautiful water features available. Bluworld has developed a client list that literally is a Who's Who in both the private and commercial world. We have designed and installed water features all over the world.

Bluworld HŌMelements was created in 2002 which became the home division specializing in smaller, self-contained indoor and outdoor fountains that are affordable for everyone. Nearly 100 different water features that are suitable for any room in the home and office were created. When you buy a Bluworld HŌMelements water feature, you have the engineering and expertise of the largest water feature design company in the world in every unit.

In 2011 Bluworld HOMelements expanded and launched our new eco-fire line, Nu-Flame. Nu-Flame fireplaces are vent free, smoke-free, odor free and carefree burning only clean, renewable liquid ethanol. The Nu-Flame line has become widely popular and Bluworld HŌMelements continues to expand our fire line. There is a design and size for any space one might want the beauty, warmth, and tranquility that water and fire bring.

From tabletop water fountains and personal fireplaces, interior and exterior accents pieces to large floor fountains and wall mount eco fire features there is a Bluworld HŌMelements design that will compliment any space and budget. We continue to explore the elements of design with water and fire. We are fueled by the resources and beauty that surrounds us and rely on the never-ending talents and abilities our Bluworld team brings every day.

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Bluworld HŌMelements Sales Team