Why Buy Blu?

In today's world, we all make purchases off the internet.  Unfortunately, all products are not alike even though the pictures are similar. Our in-depth comparison series The Anatomy of a Fountain provides you with the details you need to decide for yourself. Choose a comparison below to view the PDF.


Still not convinced? Choose one of our Top Ten Reasons to Buy Blu below to learn more.

  • Bluworld has been a trusted name in fountain design and manufacturing since 1997. The Bluworld name is synonymous with quality and value.
  • Bluworld HŌMelements fountains are made from superior building materials. We never use plastic basin liners. Our fountains are built using heavy gauge stainless steel and aluminum sheet metal, PVC plumbing, state-of-the-art LED lighting and tempered glass.
    • We believe the details matter. Our skilled craftsmen fully weld and polish each basin. Edges are individually hand painted complimenting the natural Rajah Slate in our SlateTech fountains. Durable powder coating is applied not only to the outside of each color finished piece but to the inside as well. Our quality control inspects and water tests each fountain prior to packing.
    • Our units are designed by the same engineers that create our incredible custom units found worldwide. Their years of experience and attention to detail can be found in each fountain we produce. Bluworld HŌMelements' fountains feature proprietary water disperser systems that offer carefree delivery and full coverage water flow.
    • With hundreds of different design styles, color, and size combinations, you're certain to find a fountain to compliment your decor and fit your budget. Select from indoor or outdoor, wall, freestanding, or tabletop fountains and fireplaces.
    • Bluworld fountains and fireplaces are inexpensive luxuries allowing you to get more for less. With all the quality and thoughtful design behind each Bluworld HŌMelements water fountain and fireplace, you would think they would be the most expensive on the market. To the contrary, they are extremely affordable with prices lower than the competition.
      • We want your installation experience to be as relaxing as our fountains. Many of our models can be installed without tools in just 5 simple steps. Our pumps feature a "quick connect" plumbing fitting making them virtually plug and play. Some wall units are pre-assembled making them a breeze to install. Fewer parts to install/assemble makes for an easy, quick setup. 
      • Designed to be enjoyed and user friendly. Each Bluworld fountain includes a pump flow adjustment valve. Gardenfall 6' and 9' models as well as the Grande floor fountains include a stainless steel micron filter. Remote controlled LED lighting is standard in our Water Wonders wall fountains and the 6' and 8' Gardenfall series. Bluworld fountains designed to look and run beautifully.
      • We're here to help. Our website features live chat with a knowledgeable representative or download installation manuals, trouble shooting, and maintenance guides 24/7. If you can't find the information you need on-line our customer service and sales departments are ready to help Monday to Friday from 8:30AM to 5:00PM EST.
      • Treat yourself to the best. We hope these 10 essential touch points will help you make an informed decision about selecting your fountain. We know your Bluworld purchase will bring you great enjoyment.